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New AMD processors will be overclocked to almost 6 GHz

Shortly after the premiere of the Ryzen 7000 desktop processors, clarifying information about their technical characteristics appeared on the network. In particular, higher clock frequencies are expected from new chips compared to those already demonstrated by the company.

AMD recently confirmed several characteristics of the Ryzen 7000 series processors. Thus, the thermal package of the older chips of the new line will be up to 170 W, and the maximum supported power for the AM5 socket will be up to 230 W. In addition, the vendor stated that the 16-core CPU prototype shown at Computex 2022, operating at a frequency of 5.5 GHz, operated with a limited TDP (below the nominal 170 watts).

According to the Angstronomics resource, “full-fledged” flagship processor models will be able to overclock up to 5.85 GHz in real work scenarios. Approximately the same values ​​Intel ascribes to its future novelties of the Raptor Lake-S family. In both cases, it is expected that the user will need a flagship motherboard based on the latest chipset of the selected vendor to get peak values.

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