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New iPhone models will rise in price by at least 100 USD

Apple Inc. Handbook announced a review of prices for its products. The need for such a step in the Cupertino corporation was explained by high inflation and rising cost of components.

Apple’s updated pricing policy will only affect new device models. At the same time, the gadgets already on the market after the release of new models will not fall in price as much as in previous years. Therefore, you should not expect to buy the iPhone 13 in the maximum configuration at an affordable price after the release of the iPhone 14 line.

The base model iPhone 14 will cost at least 1,100 USD. The last time product prices were reviewed by the company’s management was in 2017 before the premiere of the anniversary model of the iPhone X. At that time, the base iPhone model was offered to Apple for purchase for $ 1,000.

By the way, the price increase will affect not only the iPhone, but also iMac desktops, MacBook laptops and other Apple electronics, including headphones. Analysts of the corporation believe that the new price tags will not affect Apple’s financial results. Consumers will continue to buy Apple products because there is no alternative to it on the world market.

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