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“Nova Poshta” announced the launch of the online simulator Box Master

Proper packaging of the postal item is of great importance, since it depends on whether the parcel reaches the recipient in integrity or not. In this regard, the logistics operator “Nova Poshta” decided to explain to its customers how to pack the items correctly. The company launched the Box Master web resource, which is an online packer simulator. With it, you can learn how to properly pack parcels in a few minutes.


The simulator takes into account all stages of packing items. In addition, on the site you can find a description of the simple rules for packing parcels. The process of virtual packaging of shipments is implemented as an online game, after which each site visitor is assigned a rating. Along with this, players are shown a checklist by which they can determine how skilled packers they are.

Box Master Packer Online Simulator

In a press release from Novaya Poshta, it is noted that the online game presented on the site allows you to learn how to properly pack parcels without excessive effort. Anyone can learn the rules of packing various items in a playful way. The acquired skills will allow the clients of the logistics operator to send parcels in such a way that they reach the addressees safe and sound.

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