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Now only radio: Netflix has confirmed the shutdown of its service in Russia

The company called the move “a departure from the Russian roar”, which was announced in March this year. According to available data, the service was waiting for the end of the payment cycle, when the subscriptions already issued by users will expire, in order to finally block the service in the country.

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As Netflix left Russia

In early March, Netflix announced the cessation of its activities in Russia due to the invasion of Ukraine and the launch of a full-scale war. Earlier, the company refused to broadcast 20 Russian federal channels of the first and second multiplex, which requires current legislation.

A few days ago, the Netflix platform became inaccessible to Russian users. Netflix mobile applications have stopped working, as well as software products for TVs, computers and the web version of the service. You can access the platform using the VPN service. At that time, Roskomnadzor announced that no restrictive measures had been taken by the agency.

By the way, after the streaming service announced that it was shutting down in Russia, users tried to force Netflix to resume work by filing a class action lawsuit.

There were two demands from the offended Russians:

Restore subscription and content of the US streaming service.
Pay moral compensation, the amount of which is not specified.

It will be recalled that Netflix is ​​going to open a new office in Warsaw in the near future. He will ensure the operation of the service in Central and Eastern Europe, including Ukraine.

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