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OK “South”: Russians want to patch up the fleet and raise their sunken “Raptor” from the bottom of the Black Sea

The Russians are trying to pull their sunken Raptor boat out of the Black Sea.

Source: OK “South”

Literally: “Ship groupings in the Black Sea are holding an actual threat of missile strikes, and under its cover they are trying to organize rescue and lifting operations near the Zmeiny Island to extract the hit landing speed boat of the Raptor type from under the water …

The rashists are trying to patch up the significantly reduced number of ships and boats of the Black Sea Fleet with “drowned”.

Details: As noted, after raising the Raptor, the Russians plan to send it to the Donuzlav base point.

Recall: on May 7, “Bayraktars” near Zmeiny destroyed the Russian landing boat “Serna” and two boats “Raptor”.

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