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Rotterdam+ case: NABU and SAPO announced 15 new suspicions

In the Rotterdam+ case, the suspicion was reported to former and current officials of the National Commission for State Regulation in the Energy and Public Utilities (NKREKU).

This was reported by the press services of SAPO and NABU.

It is emphasized that on October 26, suspicion was reported to 15 persons, including former and current officials of the NEURC “and officials of a group of private heat generating companies who are involved in the implementation and application of the so-called Rotterdam + formula.”

SAP says that as a result of applying the Rotterdam+ formula, electricity consumers illegally overpaid more than UAH 20 billion during 2018-2019.

“The investigation believes that the Rotterdam + formula included expenses for services that were not actually performed, namely, the transportation of nationally produced coal to thermal power plants from the port in Rotterdam. As a result, during 2016-2019, electricity consumers overpaid more than 39 billion hryvnia.

During the investigation of this fact, it turned out that representatives of a group of private heat generating companies persuaded to accept such a calculation formula for individual members of the NEURC, which, as a result, received excess profits. As a result, unjustified payment of money by all consumers of electricity took place due to the increase in electricity tariffs.

At the same time, the SAPO adds, other members of the NEURC “improperly performed their official duties due to their dishonest attitude towards them and voted for the approval of the so-called Rotterdam + formula, which subsequently entailed grave consequences for the state and public interests.”

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