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Russia limits export of noble gases – a key ingredient for the production of microchips

In order to strengthen its position in the market, Russia, by the end of 2022, restricted exports of noble gases, such as Neon, a key ingredient for microchip production, the Ministry of Trade in the country reported on Thursday.

Restriction of exports by Russia can worsen the deficit of supply in the world market of microchips. Ukraine was one of the world’s largest inert gas suppliers until in March it has stopped production at its factories in Mariupol and Odessa.

Exports of inert gases that Russia had previously supplied to Japan and other countries will only be carried out with a special state permit by December 31, the Russian government reported on May 30.

This step will allow to “rebuild the chains that are now torn and to build new ones”, – said the Deputy Minister of Trade Vasyl Shpak, Reuters through the Ministry’s press service on Thursday.

According to the ministry, 30 percent of the world’s noble gases: Neon, Krypton and Xenon are estimated to Russia.

Taiwan, a leading world producer of microchips, introduced restrictions on the export of these products to Russia after Moscow sent thousands of soldiers to Ukraine on February 24.

“We plan to increase our production capacity (noble gases) in the near future. We believe that we will have the opportunity to be heard in this global chain, and this will give us some competitive advantage if we need to build mutually beneficial negotiations with our colleagues, ”Shpak said.

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