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Securing Identities: manage identities and access

SMART business invites you to the webinar “Securing Identities: Identity and Access Management”, which will be held on June 14.

In today’s hybrid and multi-cloud environments, identification is a new security perimeter. Traditional network security barriers are no longer enough, and user credentials can be used to access corporate data and applications.

Because any account — IT administrator, employee, external user, service provider, or customer — can be an entry point for an attacker, companies need to be able to authenticate each person, authorize each request, and grant the user appropriate access levels.

We offer to use Microsoft services to protect identifications.

At the online event you will learn:

How to organize secure access to data and applications
How to minimize the number of operational tasks of IT specialists with the help of self-reset password service
How to reduce the risk of leaking sensitive data
Overview of the application authentication and access control system using Azure Active Directory

Protect users from 99.9% of cyber attacks with Microsoft’s authentication and access management solutions.

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