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Severodonetsk: Ukrainian forces in a “difficult defensive position” – the head of the VGA

Ukrainian forces are in a “difficult defensive position” in Severodonetsk, fighting continues in the vicinity of the city, the most fierce battles are in the area of ​​the bus station and the Mir hotel.

Source: head of the military-civilian administration of Severodonetsk Alexander Stryuk, quoted by CNN

Direct speech: “The real battle is in the area of ​​the main bus station … Our military is in a tough defensive position. The city is constantly under fire. The humanitarian headquarters, which is located in the city, is practically immobilized today, because it is dangerous to move around the city, the work of the headquarters has been stopped.”

Details: Some of the fiercest fighting took place around the Mir Hotel on the outskirts of the city.

It is noted that mobile communications do not work in the city and electricity is turned off. There are reportedly about six or seven wells in the city, and “it is extremely dangerous that as soon as people gather for water, shelling will begin there.”

Strueck, however, expressed confidence that the city could hold out with some limited supplies. There are still opportunities to deliver goods, but it is “extremely difficult.” Evacuation is very dangerous, the priority is for the wounded. Only the initial level of medical care is available in the city.

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