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State Security: There was an opportunity to catch a hostile bot

Do you use chatbots in Telegram? Nowadays there are many useful. You can report the movement of enemy equipment or learn how to act in an emergency.

But not all chatbots are reliable. The enemy creates twin of useful chatbots, and the information you possess may not get there. Or your personal data may take possession of attackers. In addition, there is a risk of receiving deliberately unreliable or unverified information if the chatbot belongs to the enemy.

To prevent this, we offer you a tool for checking chatbots on Dovydka.

It was created by the Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security at the MKIP together with the State Secretariat, Cyber ​​Police and the Ministry of Defense.

To use – simple. There are only two “clicks”:

1. Come to the site

2. Entry in search the name of the bot you want to check

The botchecker will show if the real chat bot, as well as how many doubles he has.

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