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Stroll through “The Starry Night” and immerse yourself in Van Gogh

Whether surrounded by sunflowers or retreating into The Starry Night, visitors to a new exhibition will experience Vincent Van Gogh’s work as never before.

The immersive experience at Dublin’s RDS plunges audiences into the heart of a kaleidoscope of images drawn from the artist’s extensive oeuvre.

Van Gogh’s most famous paintings, as well as lesser-known works, are projected onto the walls and floor to create a breathtaking 360-degree view, while music and other sound effects complete the experience.

Van Gogh Dublin, which opens today at the RDS and runs through August 4, is a 20,000 square foot space in the famous Shelbourne Hall with huge two-story projections.

The enormous range of the artist’s work is reflected in the flow of the images – from self-portraits to flowers and furniture to fields and cityscapes.

There is also the troubled period in Van Gogh’s life, including his hospitalization in Arles after having his ear mutilated.

An AI (artificial intelligence) segment of the show leverages its entire catalog of more than 2,000 artworks.

Project leader Jillian Wilson said: “Visitors will experience audiovisual storytelling at its finest, immersing themselves in Van Gogh’s history and artwork and enjoying his masterpieces in an advanced digital format.

“You can walk through the fascinating and tragic life of Van Gogh through his carefully curated artworks, chosen to fully immerse you in a multi-sensory experience with mind-blowing audiovisual effects.”

The spectacle was directed by Dublin-based Theater of Light and creative studio Nohlab.

It also features two other immersive experiences from Nohlab.

Everything combines science, philosophy and metaphysics to question the very foundations of existence.

Journey follows the journey of a particle of light to the eye and finally to the brain, where impressions of a fixed image are formed.

Theater of Light founder Dan Gleeson experienced similar shows abroad, which inspired him to bring the experience to Dublin.

He said: “When you arrive, you don’t know what to expect.

“You are instantly amazed at how beautiful everything is and how amazing the digital artworks are that come to life all around you.

“You become completely absorbed in the journey, Van Gogh’s incredible talent and his fascinating life.”



Source: independent

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