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Telegram will have a paid subscription: what it gives

Telegram has launched a premium subscription with new features. According to rumors, it will be priced at $ 4.99. The option lets you extend the range of some popular messengers: up to 200 chats in a folder. Channel and Supergroup limit up to 1000 in subscriptions. Number of folders up to 20. The number of specific dialogs is up to 10 on the main screen and inside the folder – up to 200. Channel and up to 20 supergroups. Number of selected stickers up to 10. Number of saved animations up to 400. Number of affiliate programs with unique domains up to 4. Telegram Premium users will be able to upload large files up to 4 GB in the program cloud. The size of the reservoir remains unchanged. Fast file download speed is also given. It is assumed that with premium access, users will be allowed to decrypt voice messages and read them in text format with one click. “Subscribed users will be able to leave additional animated responses under messages that are not included in the standard set (now it includes 16 emojis) ৷ Customers will be able to set any tab as a standard folder (now” all chats “). There will be a setting to hide, “the statement said.

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