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Thanks to Ukraine, drone manufacturer Bayraktar is doing well

The active use of Bayraktar TB2 drones by the Ukrainian army against the occupying forces led to an increase in orders from Baykar Makina. As a result, the profits of the manufacturer of world-famous combat drones have increased markedly. This was stated in an interview with Reuters by Baykar Makina designer S. Bayraktar.


The journalists of the agency note that the Bayraktar TB2 proved to be excellent in the Russian-Ukrainian war. The whole world saw the high efficiency of the drone. According to the designer, Bayraktar TB2 is capable of destroying not only armored vehicles, but also advanced artillery and anti-aircraft systems. Thanks to the successful use of strike drones in Nagorno-Karabakh and Ukraine, the whole world has become a potential buyer for Baykar Makina.

Bayraktar called the invasion of Russian troops on Ukrainian territory illegal. In this regard, the respected Ukrainian people have every right to use combat drones to protect their country.

A few weeks ago, the Kremlin boasted of using the Zadira combat laser in Ukraine. According to Bayraktar, the effect of modern laser weapons is extremely limited. In this regard, Russian combat lasers cannot create any threat to Bayraktar TB2. An attack drone is simply beyond their reach.

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