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The capacity of the Lightning Network exceeded 3900 BTC

Since the beginning of 2022, the capacity of the Bitcoin Lightning Network (LN) micropayment network has grown by more than 15%, from 3316 BTC to 3915 BTC.
Data: BitcoinVisuals.

According to the 1ML service, there are 85,230 payment channels in the second-level network, interconnected by 17,564 nodes.
Data: 1ML.

The Lightning Network is one of the most important solutions for scaling Bitcoin, reducing transaction fees, and increasing payment privacy.

Earlier, Arcane Research analysts noted that the LN ecosystem is growing faster than its capacity. The latter indicator, according to their data, from April to September 2021 grew exponentially – over this period it increased by 700%.

Analysts explained the rapid development of the ecosystem with the legalization of bitcoin in El Salvador. From September 2021, companies operating in the country are required to accept payments from Chivo digital wallets that are compatible with the Lightning Network.

In February 2022, the country’s authorities relaunched Chivo, improving the app’s user interface, fixing bugs, and adding improved LN support.

In the same month, analytics platform Chainalysis added Lightning Network support to its transaction tracking solution.

Recall that in April, the online broker Robinhood announced plans to integrate LN.

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