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The Creative Business Forum will be held on June 15 on the first day of SPIEF

On June 15, the St. Petersburg Expoforum Convention and Exhibition Center will host the Creative Business Forum on the first day of SPIEF 2022, organized by the social platform of the Roscongress Foundation — the Innosocium Foundation. His program offers a multi-vector theme with a focus on the creative industries and the social track.

This year the program is divided into two main blocks: “Transformation of the world and growth of the creative economy” and “Creative industries of the North”.

Sessions of the first block reveal the potential of creative industries for the development of the economy, focusing on promising areas, taking into account the withdrawal of a number of international companies from the market and the introduction of economic sanctions against Russia: “Creativization of the economy. Development of national projects, products and brands”, “Education and training for a creative economy”, “NFT: market reality or fleeting hype?”, “Film industry in the new economic conditions. How to Maintain Sustainability”, “Art as an Asset: Investment Opportunities in a Turbulent Time”, “Who Makes Money from Video Games Today and Who Will Make Money in the Future?”, “Pirates of the Content Sea. The Future of Online Platforms”.

In the second block, for the first time on the sidelines of SPIEF, as part of the program of the Chairmanship of the Russian Federation in the Arctic Council 2021–2023, events will be held dedicated to the synergy of interests of the creative industries and the Arctic theme “Creative Industries of the North”. The creative economy most successfully forms an attractive investment climate and contributes to the development of the social sphere – these are the most important factors in the positive image of the Arctic. Creative industries provide diversification, high added value of local products and reduce the burden on the ecosystem, create conditions for self-realization and employment of the population, support the sustainable development of the Arctic region.

As part of the second block of the program of the Creative Business Forum, 7 sessions are planned: “Creative economy is a new vector for the development of the North”, “Formation of an architectural design code for northern cities”, “Save, do not let disappear. Ethnic languages ​​in cyberspace”, “Made in the Arctic. The uniqueness of local projects”, “Opportunities, specifics and potential of the film industry of the North”, “From archaic to modern. How to preserve culture and intangible heritage?”, “Arctic cuisine: from complete obscurity to mass demand”.

Video installations, photo exhibitions, and arts and crafts exhibitions will also run throughout the entire duration of SPIEF 2022.

“This year, the Innosocium Foundation offered SPIEF participants a rich program of socially oriented sessions, thanks to which this social platform will focus on those relevant opportunities in the field of creative industries, on that contribution to the development of the Arctic theme, which are most dependent on the successful implementation creative potential of people,” said Anton Kobyakov, Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation, Executive Secretary of the SPIEF Organizing Committee.

“In 2021, the Creative Business Forum was held for the first time at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum and entered the UN roadmap as one of the most significant creative economy events of the year. Systematic support for creative industries is still among our top priorities. Today we are focusing our attention on the development of human capital. The unique ideas of talented people are the main potential of the creative industries, which should become an effective resource and source of economic growth. I see a unique chance to use the opportunities of creative industries in the development of the northern territories, which are now being given special attention as part of the program of the Russian Chairmanship of the Arctic Council,” said Elena Marinina.

To apply to participate in the Forum, please register in the Unified Personal Account on the website of the Roscongress Foundation (you must select FKB at the last step of the registration form).

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