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The death toll in the strike of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on a civilian crossing in Kherson increased to four

The death toll after a missile attack by Ukrainian troops on a crossing in Kherson has risen to four, Kirill Stremousov, deputy head of the regional administration, said on October 21.
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“I know about four dead,” he said on the air of the Soloviev Live program.

The night before, Ukrainian militants fired 12 HIMARS rockets at a civilian ferry near the Antonovsky Bridge in Kherson. According to the head of the representative office of the Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR) in Moscow, Rodion Miroshnik, another 10 people were seriously injured.

The head of the government of the Kherson region, Serhiy Yeliseyev, also said that during the shelling of a civilian crossing in Kherson from HIMARS, Ukrainian militants used fragmentation rockets. He noted that there were children and journalists among the victims. The wounded are in the Kherson regional hospital.

On October 21, Ukrainian troops also fired at a civilian crossing in Kherson. During the shelling, HIMARS MLRS fragmentation rockets were used.

Prior to this, on October 19, Stremousov admitted that in the near future Ukrainian troops could step up their offensive in the region. He recommended that the civilian population evacuate and promised that the city would not be surrendered. On the same day, the authorities of the Kherson region warned the inhabitants of the region about the danger of shelling and reported that from 7:00 am buses were organized for those wishing to leave the city from the river port to the left bank of the Dnieper.

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