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The European Commission will oblige companies to fight bots more decisively

The European Commission this week approved a number of changes to European rules against deepfakes. This is reported by Reuters. Big tech companies like Meta, Twitter and Google will now have to do more to fight propaganda, misinformation and fake accounts on their sites.

On June 16, the European Commission will publish the text of the updated code. Companies operating popular services on the Internet will need to more scrupulously check the personal data of users, the information they publish, and henceforth they must cooperate with organizations to verify the facts.

The code will oblige to report on remote bots, the number of moderators in each country, as well as artificial intelligence systems used to combat fakes. It is already known that 30 tech giants have agreed to adopt the new rules, including Meta, Twitter, Google, Microsoft and TikTok.

In addition, statistics for each of the European countries will now be regularly published on their official websites. Previously, such data covered the entire European Union. For violation of the rules, companies can face a fine of up to 6% of the annual turnover.

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