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The expert allowed a rise in prices for subscribers due to the shutdown of Google servers

Google’s decision to terminate contracts with Russian Internet providers for servicing Google Global Cache servers may lead to an increase in the cost of tariffs for private and corporate subscribers. This opinion was expressed on May 26 by Telecom Daily CEO Denis Kuskov.

“Today, Google servers are working for the largest operators. So far, the servers have slowed down only for those companies that fell under sanctions. Disabling local servers will lead to additional costs for these operators, because they will have to “drive” traffic from afar, this may lead to an increase in the cost of tariffs for private and corporate subscribers of these providers. In addition, these operators can go for a reduction in unlimited tariffs, ”he told Izvestia.

In turn, Mobile Research Group analyst Eldar Murtazin is convinced that disconnecting from servers will not affect users in any way.

“For users, this does not mean absolutely nothing, caching servers are needed for Google services, the speed of access to them will change slightly, but the services have not gone away – for the same YouTube, this does not mean any problems. The Internet in our country is good, so everything will be fine, ”the expert emphasized.

Earlier this year, sources in the telecommunications market reported that some Russian Internet providers received a notice from Google about the termination of contracts for servicing Google Global Cache servers, which are used to speed up content downloads. The information was confirmed by the head of the legal company “Ordercom” Dmitry Galushko.

According to him, the notifications were received, in particular, by the Orenburg provider Radio Svyaz. In a letter from one of Google’s Irish subsidiaries to Focus Life, under whose brand the provider from Orenburg operates, it is said that the servers will be shut down “due to changes in legal practice.”

On May 18, it became known that Google’s subsidiary in the Russian Federation intends to apply to the Arbitration Court with an application for recognition of its own bankruptcy. According to a company representative, the arrest of Google’s bank account made it impossible for the Russian office to function. At the same time, he stressed that Google will continue to work for users from Russia, despite the initiation of its own bankruptcy.

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