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The head of the joint venture of the Russian Federation: Russia does not need to rush to withdraw from international agreements and treaties

Russia should not rush to withdraw from international treaties and agreements, believes the Chairman of the Accounts Chamber, ex-Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin.

“As an economy, Russia is very seriously connected with other economies of the world. We work in the global economic system. We have large exports and large imports. (…) Russia cannot produce everything on its own, this is simply unambiguous. Therefore, we should not rush to get out of various kinds of international agreements, standards,” Kudrin said on Wednesday in the State Duma.

He noted that “Asian countries also work within the framework of all these standards.” “Including educational ones, I want to remind you. (…) Trade, economic, social conventions, agreements,” Kudrin said.

“That is why we should not rush to leave, but, in general, understand that we should get the maximum effect from international cooperation,” said the head of the Accounts Chamber.

Kudrin expressed hope that, despite the current restrictions on imports into the country, he would “reorient himself.” “And we will still use the world’s advances in technology, including other products related to both the investment and consumer cycles.”

On the eve of the head of the Ministry of Education and Science Valery Falkov said that Russia would abandon the Bologna system. And State Duma Vice Speaker Pyotr Tolstoy said earlier that the Foreign Ministry sent a list of agreements between the Russian Federation and international organizations to the Duma for consideration for their denunciation. “Russia withdrew from the Council of Europe, now the next step is to withdraw from the WTO and the WHO, which have neglected all obligations towards our country,” the parliamentarian said.

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