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The media learned about the plans of the Republicans to impeach Biden

The Republican Party may impeach US President Joe Biden amid the deteriorating economic situation in the country. This is the opinion of The Spectator columnist Freddie Gray.

According to Gray, such a move would be the faction’s act of revenge against the Democrats. The journalist recalled that Republican opponents used impeachment against former US President Donald Trump.

“The Republican Party saw that their Democratic opponents used impeachment as a bludgeon to remove Trump from power. And now they want to take revenge, ”the journalist emphasized.

Gray noted that the Republicans are rapidly gaining popularity due to the deteriorating economic situation in the United States and the low approval ratings of the current head of state. If they win the elections to the House of Representatives in November 2022, it will be possible to launch impeachment proceedings, he explained.

“The next two years of American politics could be the dirtiest in history,” columnist Gray concluded.

Earlier, on April 19, political scientist Marat Bashirov expressed the opinion that the low ratings of US President Joe Biden are explained by the decline in the social well-being of the American population.

On April 15, it was reported that the confidence rating of US President Joe Biden had dropped to a record low. According to a generalized analysis of polls, the level of confidence in the US president was about 41%.

At the same time, a survey by the American University of Quinnipiac showed that only 21% of young Americans aged 18 to 34 approve of Biden’s work. Experts also recalled that in 2020 it was young voters who played a “decisive role” in Biden’s victory.

At the same time, the House of Representatives called for the impeachment of the President of the United States after shaking hands with “air”. Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green wrote that after the incident, she was incredibly ashamed that Biden was leading the country. The embarrassment occurred at the end of another speech by the head of the White House. The footage published on the Web shows that Biden, having finished his speech, extended his hand for a handshake, but he was alone on stage. After this awkward gesture, the American leader hesitated and could not immediately find his way out of the stage.

On April 6, former White House physician and Republican Rep. Ronnie Jackson said that Biden’s cognitive abilities had deteriorated and represented a “national security issue.” In particular, he pointed to the US President’s propensity for slowness in speech and reservations as evidence of his innocence.

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