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The Ministry of Digital Investigation urges citizens to be careful when transferring information to the eVorog chatbot

The Ministry of Digital Transformation urges citizens to be careful when transferring information about the movement of occupiers to the eGod chatbot.

“Daily, our team receives hundreds of applications for the movement of invaders to the EU and promptly transfers them to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This means that each of you brings our common victory closer with each message in the chatbot. However, remember the simple rules for the security of people’s intelligence,” the message says. .

The ministry urges Ukrainians not to approach the occupiers or enemy equipment intentionally in order to photograph them, take photos and videos unnoticed, especially if the occupiers are close. To do this, you need to set up the phone so that you can open the camera in one click, holding the phone down with your hands down.

After sending frames to the chatbot, they are advised to delete them from the smartphone for safety. Now enemies in the occupied territories can check the gadget, so it’s better not to store anything secret there.

In addition, the Ministry of Digital Transformation advises against posting footage with geolocation and the movement of enemies on social networks. Do not discuss in telephone conversations with relatives and friends the location of the occupiers.

The ministry urges to use only the eVorog chat bot from the Ministry of Digital Development. In order not to meet scammers, you should remember: you can go to the chatbot from the main screen of the Diya application.

As Ukrinform reported, in March, the Ministry of Digital Transformation launched a new Telegram chat, thanks to which it is possible to report on the movement of the Russian army.

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