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The network showed the iPhone 14 Pro + with iOS 16 installed

Someone on Apple’s Hub, which has a Twitter account with more than 183,000 subscribers, posted photos of the iPhone 14 Pro with iOS 16 installed on it. We don’t know if the photos are real or not. They may have been created using a graphics editor. For example, in Photoshop.

To date, thanks to the downpours about all models of the new iPhone 14 know almost everything (according to the reference link), except the price. Based on this, it is easy to take a photo of a modern iPhone with the installed beta version of iOS 16 beta 1 and then in the graphics editor to fix the top “shuttle” on the iPhone display as an exclamation mark. And pretend to be a real iPhone 14 Pro to “catch the hype”. In fact, it’s probably a fake.

According to preliminary and unconfirmed information from Apple, the presentation of the new iPhone 14 may take place on September 13, 2022.

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