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The Russian Embassy said there was no support for the action with a tank among the Germans

The provocation with the installation of a wrecked Russian tank near the walls of the Russian Embassy in Germany did not meet with sympathy and support from the citizens of Germany. This was announced on Saturday, February 26, in a statement by the Russian diplomatic mission in Berlin.
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The embassy said Saturday’s mass protests demonstrated the desire of people in Germany for a peaceful settlement of the Ukrainian conflict and their clear position against escalation by pumping weapons and military equipment into the Kiev regime, as well as unwinding the anti-Russian sanctions spiral.

The diplomatic mission also expressed gratitude to everyone who brought flowers to the tank, “which has become a symbol of the fight against neo-Nazism in Ukraine.”

On February 24, a tank was installed in Berlin opposite the Russian embassy, its muzzle was directed towards the diplomatic mission. The next day, local residents began to bring red roses to him in memory of the dead Russian soldiers.

Flowers were also laid by the great-great-grandson of the first German chancellor, Otto von Bismarck, who called for negotiations and reminded that no one wants a confrontation with Russia.

Later, on February 25, the Ukrainian flag was torn off the tank. As soon as the blue-and-yellow banner fell from the car, the crowd of protesters burst into cheers.

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