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The Ukrainian IT army carried out the most massive attack on the aggressor’s infrastructure during the entire war

Ukrainian IT troops set a record for the number of attacks on the online infrastructure of the aggressor country in a week. The total number of shares held from 05/23/2022 to 05/29/2022 exceeded eight hundred. The invaders have never seen such a massive pressure, assures the leadership of the Ministry of Digital Development.


During the reporting period, Ukrainian specialists paid priority attention to the destruction of the infrastructure

banking institutions;
microfinance organizations;
stock exchanges and specialized financial platforms;
a newly created ersatz substitute for the PlayStore, called RuStore;
insurance companies;
central and regional media.


As a result, residents of the aggressor country were unable to receive funds from bank cards and make payment transactions, get loans from MFIs, make purchases in the app store, draw up insurance contracts, receive insurance payments, join propaganda content, etc.

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