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‘They will rise to the top at the perfect time’ – CJ Stander believes Ireland have learned from their World Cup mistakes

CJ Stander believes Ireland have learned from past mistakes and will be ready to reach their top in next year’s World Cup in France.

Munster’s previous row was a key part of Ireland’s Grand Slam success before the situation worsened in Japan in 2018. But Stander is confident that Andy Farrell’s men are going in the right direction when trying to give them time to run.

“Andy has always had a goal over the last few years and months and I see it getting bigger and stronger every week,” said Standard, who retired last year at the age of 31.

“The exciting thing for me is that they’re not at the top yet. I think as a team we’ve probably gotten to the wrong level in the last few years. Well, look, we’ve won the Grand Slam and that’s a good thing.

“But if you look at it and you want to go (win) a World Cup, I think they’re going to rise to the top at the perfect time.

“I am really looking forward to the World Cup for Ireland, I think they are rising to the top at the right time. There are still good leaders, the boys are rising to the top, it’s exciting.

“Josh van der Flair, incredible. He plays so well. You can’t stop a guy like Callan Doris. Every day I come through the people I work with.

“Older boys like Johnny (Sexton) and Pitt (O’Mahani) play incredible rugby for their age. They push this value every day.

“The key players are playing well. I think of guys like Andrew Conway, James Lowe, Tadhagh Farlong, they play very, very well and it excites me. “

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