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Ukraine simplifies the process of adopting children using a digital portal

In Ukraine, 17,000 children are awaiting adoption, Deputy Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine Konstantin Koshelenko told reporters in Kyiv, Economic News informs.

“However, there are several times fewer potential adoptive parents. One of the reasons is a very complicated adoption procedure,” Koshelenko said.

“We are changing it to implement a fast digital process. It only takes five minutes to apply for an initial consultation.”

An initial adoption application can be submitted through the Diya portal from Wednesday, and adoption applications will be available online from August, Koshelenko added.

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About 6,506 children from orphanages have been displaced due to the ongoing conflict, including 4,228 children who have been moved abroad, the Ministry of Social Policy said in a statement.

Less than half of the country’s orphanages transported children abroad or to other regions of Ukraine. Approximately 1,750 foster families have been relocated.

The war had a devastating effect on the children of Ukraine.

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On Wednesday, Ukraine’s Children’s Day, the country’s prosecutor general’s office said at least 243 children have died in Ukraine and 446 more have been injured since the Russian invasion began on February 24.

Meanwhile, UNICEF said millions of young lives have been “destroyed” by the conflict. Three million Ukrainian children are in need of humanitarian assistance domestically, as are more than 2.2 million children in countries hosting refugees, the UN agency for children has said.

The war has had a “devastating impact on children on a scale and pace not seen since World War II,” UNICEF added.

Nearly two-thirds of children have been displaced by conflict, UNICEF notes.
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