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Ukrainian cellular communication began to break through in Melitopol and the region (photo)

Rashists periodically turn off cellular communications and the Internet in the settlements they have captured in order to cut off local residents from the world. Another information blockade was staged for Melitopol on May 30.

For about a week, Ukrainian mobile communications still caught a little on the upper floors and at some points in different areas of Melitopol, and Vodafone also worked in several settlements in the region. But soon the rashists drowned out the connection completely. Local residents could contact the outside world only with the help of unnamed Russian cards. Also, after some time, Melitopol subscribers were switched to home Internet from the Russian Federation.

But today, on June 17, Ukrainian mobile communications began to revive in the region again. In Melitopol, Kyivstar and Vodafone make their way. The signal is still unstable, but at least it is. And in the region of the Sea of ​​\u200b\u200bAzov, mobile Internet from Vodafone even earned.

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