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Ukrainians will be able to monitor the availability of gasoline at gas stations through the Telegram bot

The situation on the Ukrainian fuel market remains tense.

There is still a shortage of fuel in Ukraine. Drivers sometimes have to stand in line for hours to refuel the car. Roman Bagaty, a web developer from Kropyvnytskyi, decided to ease the situation and created the PetrolAlertUA bot. It will help people monitor the availability of fuel at gas stations in advance.

Before working on the bot, Roman looked at maps and refueling programs. But this method was inconvenient.

“We had to constantly sit on the maps and regularly curse all the stations on the map. Therefore, I decided to automate this routine for myself, but later reworked the project for the rest of all Ukrainians, “said the author of the project.

How the bot works

The bot monitors the availability of products at gas stations of the most popular networks in Ukraine. Users receive a message with the name of the gas station, address, fuel type.
Data are collected from open sources.
PetrolAlertUA is currently processing information from WOG, OKKO, ANP and SOCAR. The list of networks will expand.

How to use a bot

It provides customization for each user. You need to specify:

Your region, district and city.
Type of fuel required: gasoline, diesel or gas (there are several options).

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