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Viber adds new features

Viber has been replenished with a new toolkit for channel moderation. This was reported in the press release of the project.

Channels now have comments. They are turned on and off at the discretion of the admins. Also, future posts can be put on a timer. When publishing, you need to hold down the submit button and select the time.

The third innovation is a hidden list of channel members. Only admins and superadmins will be able to see it. Users with this setting will only see the total number of subscribers. The function is important in terms of data privacy and security.

A special bot will help you transform a community into a channel. However, the content will remain. But the reverse transformation of the channel into a community is impossible.

Along with the launch of new features, Rakuten Viber signed the European Union Code of Conduct. The document is aimed at countering hate speech in the worldwide web. If a user notices aggressive or humiliating content in the channel, then it will be marked as an inappropriate post. Viber moderators will review the application within 24 hours.

Recall that earlier Viber announced the introduction of two-factor authentication.

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