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Waffle House employee posts TikTok revealing how much money she makes: ‘I believe this 100%’

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Waffle House employee posts TikTok revealing how much money she makes: ‘I believe this 100%’
Dillon Thompson
Thu, April 28, 2022, 9:11 AM

How much does Waffle House pay its workers? That question is getting plenty of discussion on TikTok, thanks to one woman’s viral video.

The clip comes courtesy of a 20-year-old Waffle House employee named Nirajah Taylor (@nirajah.t). According to her post, the TikToker has been working at the 24/7 diner chain since she was 16.

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In her video, Taylor shares photos featuring large stacks of money and checks with tips of up to $100. The clip took many viewers by surprise, although many Waffle House employees jumped in to comment that the job can be surprisingly lucrative.

Taylor’s clip is part of an ever-growing trend on the app, in which users post transparently about their jobs and pay. Recently, other TikTokers have shared similar videos, including NFL water boys, notaries and even online trivia hosts.

Although Taylor’s post doesn’t specify exactly how much she makes, it does make it clear she’s happy with her situation. She even asked viewers to tag the official Waffle House TikTok account in their comments.

While the earnings surprised many users, some said they’d learned firsthand how well the job can pay.

“I miss working there,” one user wrote. “Was nothing to make $1,000-$1400 a week.”

“I believe this 100%,” another agreed.

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“I know the ppl that work there make good money,” another added. “I be in there drunk tipping like I’m rich all because of the conversation.”

Other commenters pointed out that some Waffle House employees earn minimum wage.

However, there are countless roles at the company that pay much more than the federal minimum of $7.25 per hour. According to Indeed, the average grill cook makes $12.91 an hour, while the average server makes $13.33. Meanwhile, there are managerial roles that pay salaries averaging close to $60,000 per year.

Some TikTokers claimed that the real struggle is learning Waffle House’s “language.” As another viral TikTok recently showed, employees at the chain use a set of secret codes to communicate orders.

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