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Welcome to Dreadsail Reef, the new trial of High Isle in The Elder Scrolls Online

Meet the pirates you target in this new preview as The Elder Scrolls Online Preview more content from High Island when it comes out next month, the new 12 person trial, Dreadsail Reef.

In the preview of the new Trial, we get a taste of the setting and the Dreadsail pirate band that has long threatened the people of the High Isle and even the mainland of Tamriel. Now we are able to find their port and the Breton flotilla is now selling to Dreadsail Reef to end the threat. “Dreadsail Reef is the island home of the Dreadsail Pirates and their cunning fleet queen, Taleria,” said Encounters lead Mike Finnigan. These pirates are responsible for attacking, raiding, terrorizing and patrolling the islands and throwing their weight around.

Of course you now come into play with a plan to invade, storm the beach, invade the pirate town and capture the fleet queen. This trial uses a little more of the setting, its water and nearby sea location, and the exploration of the Maormer to shape the encounters. The team wanted this game to really rely on teamwork from the start, so group coordination is not only a desirable goal, it will get you across the finish line together.

The pirate queen Taleria has many tricks up her sleeve, and the challenge and the queen might be bigger than you expect. But if you’re successful, you’ve just taken down some serious pirates, so of course you should expect plenty of treasure and loot to go home with. Some of these rewards include the Stormtide Howler mount, Stormtide face and body marks, gold, and other collectibles. You can also snag the Swashbuckler Supreme title (if you complete all of the Trial’s achievements). The bosses will also have exclusive set pieces, including the new heavy set, Mother of Pearl Protection.

For more information, see the preview below The Elder Scrolls Online.


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