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WHATSAPP is planning a massive update that will forever change the way you message

WHATSAPP is preparing a massive change that will radically clean up news once and for all.

Leaked screenshots suggest the platform is finally working on a way to filter different chats.
Keeping chats neat and organized just got a whole lot better

Keeping chats neat and organized just got a whole lot betterPhoto credit: WABetaInfo

It’s something fans have been asking for for a long time after business accounts got a similar feature last year.

A future update will apparently provide a new filter button at the top of WhatsApp.

When you tap on it, you’ll be presented with four options.

Unread chats, contacts, non-contacts and groups.
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The feature is a dream come true for those who are regularly bombarded with messages from various friends, family members, and countless groups.

It was spotted by WABetaInfo, who say that this addition “is under development for standard WhatsApp accounts and will be released in a future update”.

As always with early beta testing, WhatsApp bosses could well decide not to make the change.

But since it’s already been granted to business accounts, we think the chances of it being made widely available are pretty high.

However, there is a small difference from the previous version.

With standard WhatsApp accounts, the filter button always seems to be visible, even if you’re not searching for chats and messages.

So keep an eye out for future updates as they may be included.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for groups on WhatsApp as they’re a lot busier right now.
WhatsApp has 2 billion users worldwide

WhatsApp has 2 billion users worldwidePhoto credit: Getty

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