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Zelensky: A stable habit should appear in the world – to take Ukraine into account

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that “everything possible must be done to create a strong habit in the world – to take Ukraine into account.”

Source: Zelensky’s video message

Direct speech: “But anyway, in Davos, for example, Mr. Kissinger emerges from the deep past and says that it is supposedly necessary to give Russia a piece of Ukraine. So that allegedly there would be no alienation of Russia from Europe.”

“… We must do everything possible to create a stable habit in the world – to take Ukraine into account. So that the interests of Ukrainians do not overlap with the interests of those who are in a hurry to meet the dictator again.”

That’s why I always have a lot of international communication in my schedule. Yesterday and today – Davos. Tomorrow is the Parliament of Latvia. The day after tomorrow – Stanford and Indonesia. And then it’s just as active.”

Details: According to Zelensky, on February 24, many in the world did not believe that Ukraine would be able to withstand a full-scale war, because they did not assess the situation.

“Many of them simply did not want to take Ukraine into account. There was no such habit – to take Ukraine into account. Although they have a habit of taking Russia into account. And even when there are no objective grounds for this,” the president said.

“It’s convenient for them. And it’s really habitual. It’s often very profitable. To call certain Russian politicians ‘heroes of Dostoevsky’ as if it excuses them. Talk about Russia’s supposedly historical sphere of influence. And about the alleged balance in relations in Europe, which without Russia allegedly impossible,” he added.

According to Zelensky, “no matter what the Russian state does, there is someone who says: let’s take into account its interests.”

“This year it was voiced again in Davos. Despite the thousands of Russian missiles that hit Ukraine. Despite the tens of thousands of Ukrainians killed. Despite Bucha and Mariupol. Despite the destroyed cities. And despite the “filtration camps” built by the Russian state, in which they kill, torture, rape and humiliate, like on a conveyor belt. Russia did it all in Europe,” he stressed.

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