13% of all bitcoins in the world are likely to be lost forever

On May 31, the number of bitcoins that did not move for more than 10 years reached a record high of 2,445,994,628 BTC (or 13% of the issue).

These coins have been in the wallets of their owners since 2012, when the first cryptocurrency could be bought for $ 10. But digital coin owners did not sell them even when the price per BTC reached $ 69,000. Based on this data, some analysts speculate that these bitcoins are lost forever. For example, due to the death of the owner or the inability to restore access to the wallet.

It is worth noting that more than one million VTS was recruited by Satoshi Nakamoto, who has never appeared in public since April 2011 – there are rumors about his death. This means that slightly less than half of all unused bitcoins were concentrated in the wallet of just one person – the creator of cryptocurrency.

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