6 things to consider when buying a tablet

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As the desktop and laptop market rises in price, investing in a tablet might be a good option for students or those who want to have their own product to work without spending too much. However, there are some key points to consider when choosing a tablet.

In this article, we will highlight 6 main points that you should consider while explaining the main characteristics of this device, as well as giving some signs of entry-level, cost-effective and top-end models.
What should I look for before buying a tablet?

Purpose of purchase

Whether it’s a tablet, laptop, or even a smartphone, it’s important that you know well what you plan to do with this device. From there, you must draw a well-defined budget line for the device.

A tablet can be a good choice for students who want to read large PDFs, some books, watch lessons or lectures, and even take notes. The same goes for use at work, since the device can be used as a good accessory for checking spreadsheets, documents, checklists, and can even serve as a drawing canvas in the case of designers, for example.

Internal Storage

In the past, it was common to find devices with sufficient memory. Therefore, observing the amount of interior space is important for a good experience.

In general, most of these gadgets start at 8GB and can go up to 256GB in more expensive models. Therefore, the user should pay attention to their needs. Want to download lessons, long documents or lots of movies? Consider a tablet with enough space. However, if you know that you are not going to download much, a model with only 8 or 16 GB may be interesting.

It is important to keep an eye on whether the product has a microSD card slot and how much memory can be expanded.

Design and screen size

When choosing a device, it is very important to consider the screen size. Large screens are ideal for designers, diligent readers, and especially those who enjoy watching a good movie. However, they end up sinning in terms of transportation as they end up weighing a little more or not even fitting into some bags.

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Battery life

Since the battery is extremely portable, it is arguably one of the most important purchase points. Buying a tablet and being held hostage to a charger is sure to be a headache many times over.

At this point, it is important to remember how many hours you will be using the tablet, and therefore try to convert this into battery life in mAh. Some premium models have more than 7000 mAh, which means, for example, about 12 hours of video playback. A cheap tablet has an average of 3000 to 5000 mAh.


The processor will be an internal component that may go unnoticed at purchase, but it is one of the points that determine the performance of the device. The ideal option is to invest in a processor with at least 4 cores (four cores) and avoid dual core models with only 2 cores.

The mid-range and/or high-end models have octa-core processors that are very fast for many applications. Also look out for RAM and look for models that have 3GB or more for the best experience.


Finally, the connection issue concerns both network connections and the physical inputs of the tablet. Make sure the model contains the latest versions of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi; is there a 5G or 4G model etc. Also check if the device has a headphone jack, what type of charger port (USB Type-C, Micro-USB, etc.).

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Which tablet to buy in 2022?

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite SM-T225N 32 GB

Considered to be a very interesting cost-benefit ratio, this Samsung tablet is one of the best mid-range models, with an 8.7-inch screen, a 2.3GHz octa-core processor, an 8MP rear camera and a 2MP front camera, as well as storage options. 32 GB or 64 GB expandable up to 1 TB and 3 GB of RAM.

Lenovo Tab P11 Plus ZA940394BR 64 GB

Passing the ball to Lenovo, the Tab P11 Plus is already in the more premium segment with an octa-core MediaTek Helio G90 processor, Android 11, 4GB or 6GB RAM options, and 64GB or 128GB internal storage. expandable to 1 TV. The front camera has 13 megapixels, and the rear one has 8 megapixels and a 7200 mAh battery.

Tablet Xiaomi Pad 5128 GB

Known for smartphones, Xiaomi has the Pad 5 as one of the best tablets on the market. The model has an 11-inch WDHQ + screen with a frequency of 120 Hz, Dolby Vision technology, 4 stereo speakers, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 860 processor, 6 GB of RAM and smart pen support for drawing and annotations.

Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE SM-T735N 128 GB

Another Samsung device, the Galaxy Tab S7 FE, has a 12.4-inch screen, an octa-core processor, 128GB of storage, and 6GB of RAM. In addition, it is equipped with a 10,090 mAh battery, smart pen support and stereo speakers from AKG.

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Apple iPad 9th generation 256 GB

Finally, the 9th generation iPad stands out with its 10.2-inch high-definition display at 2160×1620 pixels. The processor is on the Apple A13 Bionic account, and the memory is 256 GB, but without the possibility of expansion. The rear camera is 8MP and the front camera is 12MP.

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