700,000 users will be left without series: Netflix is leaving Russia

On May 30, the streaming platform Netflix announced that it had stopped operating in Russia.

This was announced by the company’s speaker for AFP.

The site and application Netflix has restricted access to Russian users since May 27. On May 30, a spokesman for the Netflix streaming platform said subscribers would no longer have access to the content.

“This is a withdrawal from the Russian market, announced in March,” said a Netflix spokesman. In particular, the company had to wait until the end of the current billing cycle to further disconnect customers and deprive them of the opportunity to issue a new subscription.

It is also noted that Netflix has 221.8 million subscribers and is considered the world’s leading streaming platform. In Russia, the popularity of this service was not very high. The company noted that as a result of leaving the market will lose 700 thousand users with paid subscriptions.

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