A boutique on our street: Turkish brands want to open their stores in Russia

Several Turkish clothing brands intend to enter the Russian market. The companies are already negotiating with shopping malls to open adL, Mudo, LTB, Twist and İpekyol brand stores. Participants in the real estate and retail market told Izvestia about this. According to them, adL intends to be the first to open the store – it can start work in Moscow this fall. A few years ago, some of the listed brands left Russia, unable to withstand the competition. After returning to a new reality, brands have good chances for development in our country, experts say.

Several Turkish clothing and home goods brands – adL, Mudo, LTB, Twist and İpekyol – are in talks with Russian operators to open their stores in Russia. This was told to Izvestiya by the head of Surenkok Moscow, Omur Surenkok, who is promoting Turkish business in Russia. President of the Russian Council of Shopping Centers (RSTC) Dmitry Moskalenko confirmed that negotiations with Turkish companies are indeed underway.

— Brands that see the potential for implementation and development in Russia have come to us with proposals. For example, there is an appeal from one manufacturer who makes goods for the home a la Zara Home, and we are now organizing a meeting for him, he said.
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According to Omyur Syurenkok, after the suspension of work in Russia of a number of major international players, domestic operators are interested in cooperation with new companies. This is also beneficial for Turkish brands, which once left the Russian Federation, unable to withstand the competition, the specialist added. Now they are again interested in the Russian market.
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— The companies plan to open many outlets in Moscow and the regions — more than 100 each of them. AdL stores will be the first to open,” said Omur Syurenkok.

This brand has already worked in Russia before. According to the specialist, the company has an understanding of the client’s tastes, he knows how to work in the Russian market, so the brand will be able to get the job done in a couple of months. The first store may open in the fall in Moscow, the specific location has not yet been determined, he added.

Newcomers to the Russian market will need six months to open the first outlet, added Omyur Syurenkok.

The listed Turkish brands will start sales in the Russian Federation with items from the autumn-winter collection, he said. Now they have time to prepare for it.

— So far, not all brands that want to enter Russia now have additional volumes of goods for our market, because the collections are made several months before the sale, and the companies were not ready for such a turn. Therefore, now they are expanding production volumes,” he added.
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Turkish brands came to Russia among the very first foreign brands in the late 1990s, they were actively working before the arrival of stronger Western players, Dmitry Tomilin, CEO of Eterna, recalled. Now, probably, some Turkish brands have good chances for new development, they can get very favorable conditions from the shopping center, which no one would have offered them before, the expert believes.
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New brands will not be able to pay rent at the same rates as Western retailers – they can only afford two or more times less, he said. But under the current conditions, many shopping centers will be forced to agree to these conditions, because the issue is no longer in income, but in the need to close holes with something, Dmitry Tomilin believes.

Dmitry Moskalenko does not agree with him, who believes that, most likely, the terms of the lease will remain the same.

Get into a segment

Turkish brands are not a copy of the European mass market, that is, they cannot replace it, said Anna Lebsak-Kleymans, CEO of Fashion Consulting Group. These brands have their own identity, although they make products of the middle price segment for the same target audience, and these things are not of the worst quality, the expert said.

For example, Mudo is a large Turkish women’s and men’s clothing chain; it includes Mudo Home — the retailer operates in the Zara segment, explained Anna Lebsak-Kleymans.
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— adL stores sell women’s fashion clothes in the middle price segment, the products are of fairly good quality. The return and opening of stores at this time can be a good impetus for the development of the brand,” says Pavel Lyulin, Vice President of the Union of Shopping Centers of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

However, it is not yet completely clear whether the new Turkish brands for the country will suit Russian buyers in terms of cut and fit, because each state has its own special technological parameters, said Oleg Voronin, owner of I Am Studio. The color palette and prints are also important – will they be relevant for Russians, he added. The expert pointed out that brands should also take into account weather conditions: Turkey has a warmer climate, and now there are very light and open things on the shelves; in the Russian Federation, people still walk in outerwear.

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