A few rules on how to synchronize messages in Viber on your phone and computer

one of the most popular messenger apps. There are many of them, but it is this that people have recently begun to use very actively for various purposes. There you can chat, create group chats, call and talk over video. A lot of different functions. Users not only correspond there every day, but also exchange important information and files that often need to be saved and not lost. On smartphones, space is limited and over time, memory becomes insufficient, in addition, many users use Viber on a computer and want to see all their data on both devices. That is why we decided to write instructions on how to do this, according to which everyone can perform synchronization easily and without problems.

To synchronize and save data, you must download Viber Desktop to your computer. The developers are the same as the messenger. Viber Desktop allows you to save and back up not only text messages, but all files, photos and videos.

To use the following instructions, you need to see if you have updated Viber to the latest version, if not, then you need to update and only then continue. The next step is to install Viber Desktop. To do this, go to the support service and download Viber Desktop. Next, open the program itself and wait until the “Synchronize” button appears in front of you. After that, you need to click the “Synchronize” button again on your device and thereby confirm your action.

As you can see, everything is done quickly and easily, the synchronization process itself takes more time, but here everything depends on the number of correspondence, photos, videos and documents. The more of them there are, the longer the process will take. And of course, do not close the program until everything is completed to the end.

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