“Action” will pay another 2,200 hryvnias to each

Citizens who have had to travel to safer parts of the country due to the war will be able to count on help from the state. For example, assistance from the UN. Citizens who were forced to relocate after the start of the war will be able to receive it. The full list of cities can be viewed here. However, internally displaced persons whose homes are in safe cities will no longer receive assistance in May.

You don’t even have to apply for help. Funds are issued on the basis of information and registers recorded in the Unified Information Database. The Ministry of Social Policy provides the list of internally displaced persons to UN representatives.

The UN then checks the accuracy of the information and sends you a contact code to help you get help. You can receive 2220 hryvnias a month for one family member, but for a maximum of three people. The benefit is for three months and is calculated using the Western Union payment system.

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