Agroecologist listed five dangerous plants of the Moscow region

Photochemical burns can be caused not only by Sosnowsky’s hogweed. Agroecologist Anton Gladilin spoke about this in an interview with Vesti Podmoskovye.
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According to Gladilin, in addition to Sosnovsky’s hogweed, parsnips, saxifrage thighs, angelica officinalis and ash tree (“burning bush”) can also cause no less trouble.

“There are frequent cases of burns from parsnips when mowing grass,” the expert noted.

A parsnip burn is accompanied by very severe swelling, but no itching.

The expert added that one should be wary of contact with parsnips and other listed plants, especially for people with sensitive skin.

On May 5, Ekaterina Serebrennikova, a doctor and consultant of the Doctor Nearby digital medical service, told how to fill her summer first-aid kit. The expert believes that you need to have solutions for the timely treatment of abrasions and wounds, foam from burns, spray from insect bites and a cooling ointment after bites.

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