Amazing iPhone Travel Hack Revealed – And Apple Fans Are Going Crazy For It

APPLE fans can unlock a clever travel hack with their iPhone.

A special feature for the flight has been created directly in the iMessage app.

Your iPhone can come in handy as you get ready for your summer vacation.

Thanks to Apple, there is a way to quickly share and access all your flight information

The trick was shared by TikTok travel star estherelsewhere, where it received hundreds of likes.

“Open your iPhone messages and either you or your friend will send you your flight number,” Ester explained.

“This will automatically create a clickable link.

“Then you click Flight Preview and Bam, you have your friend, family member or flight tracker.”

You can enter the airline and flight number or short flight code.

However you use this iPhone strategy, you will get the same result – a special flight preview.

You can tell if the text has been underlined by the fact that the text is automatically underlined after it has been sent.

Anyone can see all the information about the flight in iMessage chat.

This includes departure and arrival times and remaining flight times.

You can also see the destination, any delays and terminals and gates.

The preview shows the baggage claim number at the end of the trip.

And everyone in the chat gets a real-time map to track the flight

Unfortunately it is possible that some flights do not appear in the preview.

But many big careers are supported by this feature.

If you are planning a vacation, this is not the only flight strategy you need to know.

Another genius iPhone travel hack turns your travel bag into a free-flying accessory.

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