An online portal has been launched where Ukrainians can apply for international assistance

The social platform “e-Dopomoga” yesterday gained the option of leaving an application for financial support in the amount of UAH 2,220 per person. from foreign organizations. Holders of the status of internally displaced persons (IDPs), as well as persons staying in enemy-occupied territories, in regions liberated from the presence of the Russian military, and in combat zones can take advantage of the new opportunity.

How to apply

  1. Click on the option “Pay with international organizations”
    2. (See screenshot). War-affected Ukrainians now have the opportunity to apply for international assistance
    3. Complete the provided questionnaire.
    4. Wait for the notification that the application has been accepted for processing.

The application form will need to indicate the full name of the applicant and children under 14 years of age (if any), addresses of registration and current place of residence, passport details (ID cards, birth certificates) and bank details for receiving money (IBAN code).

The data from the applications is compared with the data of the specialized state registers and, if everything is in order, sent to international donors.

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