Anonymous hackers claim to have hacked Belarusian government websites

The hackers of the Anonymous group announced the hacking of Belarusian government websites for its involvement in a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. They tweeted about it.

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Massive attack

As noted in the message, a group of hackers Anonymous made a massive attack.

JUST IN: Massive attack carried by #Anonymous against the Belarusian government for their complicity in the #Ukraine️ invasion. All of their strong authority websites are #Offline. #OpRussia #OpBelarus #FreeUkraine

— Anonymous TV 🇺🇦 (@YourAnonTV) May 29, 2022

“All of their largest government websites are offline,” the post reads.


On May 18, Anonymous hackers announced that the website of the Russian Sberbank, the largest bank in Central and Eastern Europe, had been hacked.

Earlier, the Ministry of Finance wrote that the Anonymous hacker group, which declared cyber war on the Russian Federation due to a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, hacked the Central Bank of Russia and promised to distribute secret files on the network.

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Even at the beginning of the Russian invasion, the popular Anonymous Twitter account declared cyber war on the Russian Federation.

Since then, the page has amassed half a million new followers and has been blamed for attacks on Russian government and private websites and for leaking Roskomnadzor data.

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