Anonymous reported the hacking of a number of government sites in Belarus

The hacker group Anonymous reported a violation of a number of government sites in Belarus. The hackers reported that the websites of the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Education, the National Center for Legal Information and the Ministry of Justice of Belarus went offline. At the time of writing, all the mentioned sites are not loaded. Anonymous explained the attack by “the involvement of the Belarusian government in the invasion of Ukraine.”


Earlier, hackers hacked Russian channels and broadcast footage of the war in Ukraine, said the Sberbank was hacked and gained access to Russian government data.

I will also remind you that I recently said that Anonymous managed to obtain personal data of members of the Russian hacking group Killnet. The stolen e-mail addresses and passwords were published by Anonymous on the JustPaste website. They are in the public domain. Anyone can get acquainted with the stolen personal data of Russian cybercriminals. The Killnet hacker group is pro-Kremlin. Its members work for the Russian secret services. On May 21, a message appeared on Twitter announcing Anonymous War to Russian hackers from the Killnet group.

There is an opinion that the American government is behind Anonymous. At the same time, this hacking movement is transnational. After the beginning of the invasion of the Russian Armed Forces, activists of the movement defended Ukraine. They regularly attack Russian government web resources and IT systems of large Russian companies.

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