Apple adds Ukrainian language to Live Text and Voice Over

The Live Text feature lets you identify and translate text in pictures and videos. Voice over screen information, which allows visually impaired people to use the phone.

In June 2021, a support service in Ukrainian appeared on the Apple website, a year after the Apple Support application began supporting the Ukrainian language. Now, live text and voice over have been added to the list.

Voice over is part of the standard set of accessibility features that Apple, Google and others are developing to make their products and services as accessible as possible to people with special needs. The voiceover gesture-based screen reader allows visually impaired people to use the iPhone. It provides audible descriptions of screen life from battery life and user data when calling in an open app.

For Live Text OCR, it’s basically a replica of Google’s well-known lens image recognition technology and one of Apple’s most notable new features – it debuted with iOS 15 and initially only supported seven languages. With the new update, the number of supported languages ​​has increased to ten, including Ukrainian.

Also, Apple has expanded the capabilities of live text – now it works with video. At the same time, thanks to many improvements, iOS has learned to better understand the context of recognition – for example, instantly convert a quantity into the desired currency or translate text.

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