Azov militant spoke about receiving medicines in Russian captivity

A militant of the Azov nationalist group, who surrendered at Azovstal in Mariupol (criminal cases have been initiated against it in Russia), said that medical care was provided to the wounded in Russian captivity.

“Children who need medical assistance are provided. Dressings, medicines, everything is as it should be, ”he told Izvestia.
The Russian Armed Forces destroyed the Ukrainian electronic intelligence center. Special operation in Donbass on May 26
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The militant expressed the hope that the Ukrainian side is just as loyal to the Russian prisoners. In addition, he added that he had never seen any footage of abuse of captured Russian soldiers.

On May 27, the head of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Denis Pushilin, said that more than 5,000 Ukrainian prisoners of war are currently being held on the territory of the republic. The last to surrender were the Azov units from the Azovstal plant – this is 2439 people.

The day before, Eduard Basurin, a representative of the People’s Militia of the DPR, said that the Ukrainian militants who remained at the Azovstal plant did not resist the DPR forces, since any shot from them would give away their location.

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced the complete release of Azovstal on May 20. The underground facilities of the enterprise, in which the militants were hiding, came under the complete control of the Russian armed forces, the defense department specified.

As one of the Azov participants, 19-year-old Nazariy Grintsevich, told the Izvestia journalist, the militants left the factory in Mariupol and surrendered on orders received from the command. He noted that ammunition, weapons, food and water were running out.

On February 24, Russia announced the start of a special operation to protect Donbass. The operation began against the backdrop of the situation in the Donbass that worsened in mid-February. The authorities of the DPR and LPR reported increased shelling by Ukrainian troops, announced the evacuation of civilians in the Russian Federation and asked for recognition of independence. On February 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a corresponding decree.

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