BNB Network Reveals Decentralization Plans

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is often criticized for being centralized. That is why the company began the merger between BSC and BNB Beacon Chain in February. This merger will result in a more decentralized and scalable Build N’ Build (BNB) blockchain.

Yesterday, BNB Chain released a roadmap of how interoperability, decentralization, governance, and more will evolve.

Among the most important changes they are planning are:

Introduce open source applications to Beacon Chain (including opening the code for Binance (DEX) and making it available to developers);
nearly double the number of validators thanks to BEP-131;
gradually increase the block’s gas capacity (Block Gas Capacity) up to 200 million;
launch your own bridge between the BAS sidechain and the main BSC network.

As we remember, BNB Chain allows users to create their own platforms through the BNB Application Sidechain (BAS). The roadmap states that BNB Chain will move ZkRollup to BAS to fully switch to zkBAS. This change will improve the balance between security and performance and increase transaction throughput.

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