Canva graphic design service comes from Russia

The popular graphic design platform Canva is completely out of Russia, blocking Russian users from accessing its service. This decision was made in support of Ukraine during the war with Russia.

This was announced by the co-founder and chief operating officer of Canva Cliff Obrecht.

He explained that the platform has long been available in Russia, so small groups of people (perhaps) used Canva to create posters for anti-war rallies. However, recently there have been almost no protests in the country against Russian aggression in Ukraine, so Obrecht sees no point in the further work of the service in Russia

“Recently, after talking to the Ukrainian government, it became clear to us to reduce the impact that our platform could have inside Russia. Our goal has always been to support Ukraine most effectively and respond in a way that helps end the war, so today we we are completely leaving Russia, “he concluded.

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