Coleen Rooney tells the Supreme Court why she hatched Wagatha Christie’s plot

Coleen Rooney told the court she was in a vulnerable position after her husband Wayne was caught drunk driving with Laura Simpson in 2017. She said she didn’t know her marriage would turn out like that. how

Coleen Rooney told how she feared her marriage would end after husband Wayne was caught drinking with Laura Simpson in 2017.

The 36-year-old beauty first revealed that the couple broke up after the incident and she didn’t know how to deal with the situation.

On day four of her £3million Wagatha Christie court case against Rebekah Vardy, Mrs Rooney today revealed her fear of the consequences of the incident to former office worker Laura.

She told the court: “I was in a vulnerable situation. There has been some wrongdoing by my husband. I spent a lot of time at my parents’ house. I don’t know how my marriage will turn out.

“Wayne and I are trying to figure out our relationship and where we are going. But I don’t want the public to know that. I didn’t address, “This is it, we’re back together.”

She discussed the 2017 “pajama post,” a social media image of herself and her three children wearing matching polka dot nightgowns in the family bed.

However, on her personal account, she shared an additional image showing Wayne and the kids in bed playing games at halloween.

A story later surfaced about Rooney “returning home” and the pair being reunited.

Wife Rooney also spoke about a leaked story while she was in the US, claiming that she was involved in a car crash in January 2019.

She said it made her more distressed when people started texting her to see if she was okay, but it was only a minor scratch. She added: “I am not used to driving on that side of the road.

“There was no accident. It made me angry to bring it to the public. Annoying me. I was smoking. ”

The Supreme Court also heard Ms Vardy got into a fight with Sarah Harding at the 2018 National Television Awards after the Girls Aloud singer spotted Ms Vardy snatching her bag.

Ms Rooney said in a witness statement: “Sarah apparently caught Becky taking pictures inside Sarah’s bag when Sarah dropped it on the floor. Their dispute later appeared on The Sun. “

Wife Rooney told how she became upset after details of her family affairs were allegedly leaked to The Sun. She said she suspected Mrs. Vardy was revealing stories about her, so as a “last resort”, she decided to conduct a “surgery” to confirm it. In her statement, she added: “For the avoidance of doubt, I have not mentioned this plan or the content of the sting operation to anyone.

“No one knows the details of what is happening but me. It killed me not telling anyone about it but I managed it.

“No one has contacted me before about the leak of my article and story to The Sun to ask if I agree with it. On the contrary, I have made it clear that I am not happy about the leaks and they continue to defy it.

“I think there have been enough warnings and decisions to go public. I’ve never spoken to Becky on the phone before, or just met the two of us, so we don’t really have such a direct relationship.

“I know she has a close relationship with the media so I thought if I spoke to her privately maybe she would try to explain or pretend to be friends and support me, like she did. did before, then filmed the story publicly. . “Mrs Rooney ultimately accused Ms Vardy of leaking the stories in a social media post in October 2019.

She claims she offered Ms Vardy, who is married to Leicester City striker Jamie, three olive branches to end their legal battle.Coleen Rooney rolls up his sleeves before giving evidence at Wagatha . trial

“I have sought to deal with this amicably on a variety of occasions because it is my view that the time, money, resources and effort involved could be spent elsewhere,” said Ms. better.

“However, my efforts were in vain. I should add that my interest goes beyond my own writings.

“I knew I couldn’t be the only one whose trust was abused by the perpetrator and now I know from watching WhatsApp conversations that Becky leaked information about a bunch of other people.

“When I posted in October 2019, I believe I made that statement in the public interest. Now I still do. Becky was wrong to reveal stories about me and about others for the world to read in the newspaper. No posts have leaked from my account since then. Undoubtedly, Becky’s similar behavior is a real concern for many others as well. I’m glad I put an end to it.”

Ms. Rooney was then questioned by Ms. Vardy’s attorney Hugh Tomlinson QC. When asked what she set out to achieve with the post, she replied: “What I want is to stop whoever leaked my personal information. This is my last resort. ”

Mr Tomlinson hinted that she must have known the social media post would lead to Ms Vardy’s abuse, to which she replied: “No, that was not my intention at all, not at all. so. That is not my nature. “

Ms Vardy told the court she felt “bullied and manipulated” while cross-checking the witness box.

When Mrs Vardy, 40, was asked by Mr Tomlinson how she had found the evidence, she replied: “It’s horrible, it’s scary.”

Ms. Vardy denies the stories leaked and is suing for defamation. Ms Rooney is defending the claim on the basis that her post is “basically true”.


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