Czech president loses half of his advisers

Half of the team of advisers to Czech President Milos Zeman decided to waive this status.

It is reported by “European truth” with reference to iDnes.

In recent days, the former head of the Central Bank, Jiri Rusnok, the president of the Union of Cities and Municipalities, Frantisek Lukl, the chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Vladimir Dlouhiy, the president of the Confederation of Industry and Transport, Yaroslav Hanak, and the former head of trade unions, Yaroslav Zawadil, have left the Zeman team.

As the newspaper notes, “some have run out of patience, others are dissatisfied with the president’s decisions, others do not want to waste time.”

A team of advisors meets once a month at the Castle in Lana.

Chancellor Vratislav Minar, Zeman’s chief adviser Martin Nejedly, former Minister of Agriculture Miroslav Toman and former Minister of Justice Marie Benesova remained in it. The last of the advisers, Ambassador to the United States Hynek Kmonitschek, does not participate in meetings due to his post.

Recall that for a long time Milos Zeman was considered the most pro-Russian head of an EU member state and called Putin his friend.

However, after the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian war, he sharply criticized the actions of the Russian Federation, and later said that Putin’s illusions about the power of the Russian army and Russia itself now look ridiculous.

“Russian President Vladimir Putin was under the illusion that Russia is omnipotent and, in particular, that the Russian army is the second most powerful army in the world. Today it looks ridiculous. It turned out that the Russian army is much weaker than all the experts thought,” Zeman said.

At the same time, the level of assessment by the Czechs of the work of their president, Milos Zeman, turned out to be a record low. According to a survey by Kantar CZ, only 20% of Czechs are satisfied with the work of the president.

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